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Here's to the ladies who lunch...

Everybody laugh.

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1984, 30 rock, a chorus line, a clockwork orange, acting, andrew bird, annie hall, assassins, avenue q, awkwardness, back to the future, bat boy, berkeley, bret mckenzie, broadway, cabaret, california, carmen ghia, cat stevens, catcher in the rye, charles baudelaire, charles manson, chuck palahniuk, city of angels, college, communists, conan o'brien, conan vs. bear, crispin glover, cults, death, demetri martin, democrats, dionysus, dirty rotten scoundrels, dreams, e. e. cummings, echo people, fanfics, fangirls, feist, fight club, fionn regan, flight of the conchords, follies, gary beach, ghost world, gregory and the hawk, hair, hank azaria, hard candy, home movies, house, hugh laurie, improv, intellectuals, into the woods, invisible monsters, j. d. salinger, jemaine clement, jenny lewis, kill bill, la cage aux folles, laughter in the dark, lemony snicket, liberalism, little miss sunshine, lolita, los angeles, manoel felciano, march of the falsettos, mel brooks, mental hospitals, miss saigon, moulin rouge, movies, mr. cup friend, mr. sexy, nancy sinatra, nathan lane, neovictorianism, new york, nonconformity, norbert leo butz, nurse betty, oak mot, of montreal, olives, overtures, pacifism, photography, plaid, poe, poetry, polaroid pictures, postmodernism, postsecret, prince herbert, psychoanalysis, psychology, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, rat catching, reefer madness, regina spektor, requiem for a dream, rilo kiley, roger bart, roger debris, rubin and ed, rubin farr, sigmund freud, slash, soviet kitsch, spamalot, spelling bee, stalking people, stephen colbert, stephen sondheim, steve martin, strangers with candy, sweeney todd, swords, sylvia plath, talk shows, the beatles, the bell jar, the birdcage, the black plauge, the colbert report, the creepy thin man, the daily show, the decemberists, the frogs, the last 5 years, the office, the producers, the velvet underground, the watson twins, title of show, triumph of love, ulla, uma thurman, urinetown, vladimir nabokov, willard, writing, writing poetry, xanthias