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Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

December 2nd, 2007 (10:06 pm)

Feeling:: content
Hearing:: "Foundations"- Kate Nash

This weekend was quite good. <3

Friday was our second improv show, which was fantastic. This show was so much better than the first, and the audience was huge, and very responsive. Yay!

Saturday was Ben's suprise party (at Jesse's house), which was equally fantastic. It basically consisted of Tyler, Lilian, Kelsey & I shivering on Jesse's trampoline, Lilian trying to watch 2 Girls, 1 Cup, and Kelsey driving Tyler, Ben, and I around in her van (not as crazily as Ben led me to believe) while blasting music, and narrowly avoiding "death road".

Today I wrote the first 10 pages of my one-act, and sat around reading all day.

To reiterate: it was a good weekend.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

November 25th, 2007 (12:27 am)

Feeling:: creative
Hearing:: "Bret, You've Got it Goin' On"- Flight of the Conchords

I think I'm going to enter Berkeley Rep's teen one-act play festival this year.

Basically, a bunch of people send in their 45-minute long one-act play submissions, and they pick two to student direct/act in, and it's a high honor, and it looks good on college applications and blahblahblah; but yes, I'm pretty sure I want to do it.

The only catch is that due to the fact that I found out about it so late, I have 20 days to write the thing. Submissions are due December 14th (4 days before my birthday!). So, it's sort of like a shortened version of NaNoWriMo (which I have never had the balls to do), but yes... I think I can do it. Yay, forced creativity! I have more time since I'm not doing the student-run show at school, so, between homework/improv/voice lessons/early SAT studying, I'm sure I'll find time. Hah.

Gahhh, but I need inspiration. That's the only... well, not the only, but one of the problems.

Lawl, I've watched this song's video from the 6th episode of Flight of the Conchords about 7 times in the last hour. Basically, it makes me feel better about my life.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]


November 23rd, 2007 (01:57 pm)

Feeling:: amused
Hearing:: "Filling Out the Form"- [title of show]

So, I feel like being a camerawhore, so I'm gonna post a bunch of random pictures from summer vacation last year. Woot.

huge picture postCollapse )

And now, I'm off to the 5th Starbucks in Benicia. Hoorah!

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

Hey there.

November 22nd, 2007 (12:27 am)
current location: My couch.
Hearing:: "Put a Penny in the Slot"- Fionn Regan


My attempts to speak in lolcat fail, obviously. Also, hi everyone!

You see, I'm updating because I decided to create a new livejournal (since this one hasn't seen human contact in more than half a year); but then I realized that that is lame, because I can just start updating this one again. That way, I wouldn't have to re-add everyone, recreate my layout, et cetera. So... hooray? Yes. I just don't want to abandon elljay completely. Having a basic account after having a paid account is rather distressing, though. But, it appears the advertisements that plague most basic accounts haven't found me yet! Hah! That is some bullshit by the way; putting ads on people's journals is awful. I mean, ads on websites in general piss me off, but on actual journals? Guhhh.

Anyway, I won't make a long & detailed list of my summer vacation/beginning of the year exploits, and instead I'll just give the highlights:

I was in a terrible production of Into the Woods this summer, despite the fact that it was with the Willows Theatre Company, which is usually incredible. That was rather disappointing.

But the, at the end of summer vacation, I went on a road trip to Seattle with my friend Tyler to see the preview shows of Young Frankenstein (which was completely incredible, by the way), and basically just hang out in the most glorious city west of New York. Also, it was quite fantastic to have someone like Tyler to help me stalk Sutton Foster/Roger Bart/Megan Mullally. It was pretty fantastic. But then school started 3 days later.

Now: JUNIOR YEAR. Gahhh, I have no energy anymore. Taking AP Psychology, AP US History, AP Language/Composition, French 3 Honors, Pre-Calculus, and Chemistry plus being a president of Red Cross Club, belonging to several other clubs, plus being on the improv team, plus devoting 3 hours after school to the drama production... basically, I implode daily. Which is partially due to my constant meltdowns concerning college admission. It's bizarre to think that some people I know arn't even thinking about it... wow. But anyway, yes, I survive on miniscule amounts of sleep, supplemented by semi-dangerous amounts of caffeine. Yay.

But, anyway, it's THANKSGIVING BREAK this week (well, only 4 days are left, but...), which is fantastic. Me and my family (plus Tyler) were going to go to L.A. over break, but various family emergencies prevented that from happening... so, I'm stuck in Benicia for all of break, which kind of sucks, but I've managed to make it vaguely amusing. Like purchasing the entire first season of Flight of the Conchords on DVD! Yay! It's my absolute favorite new show (note the icon).

So, yes. How are you all (my collective LJ flist)?

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

February 4th, 2007 (12:28 pm)

Feeling:: tired
Hearing:: "The Point Sometimes"- Gregory and the Hawk

So, my paid account expired.
That makes me rather sad.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

January 26th, 2007 (10:19 pm)

Feeling:: cold
Hearing:: "Me and my Town"- Anyone Can Whistle

Well, I mentioned a while that I've been writing a lot of poetry in my absence from livejournal... so I thought I'd post some of them.

They're all rather short, some are angsty, and none of them are perfect. But, I like them. The ones near the end are better because they're newer...

huge poetry post, 20+ self-written poemsCollapse )

Comments/criticism, please?

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

January 26th, 2007 (10:07 pm)

Feeling:: blah
Hearing:: "Don't Deconstruct"- Rilo Kiley

Well, I didn't get either part I wanted.

I'm in the ensemble... it bothered me earlier, but then I realized it was such a petty thing to worry about when half the people who auditioned didn't even get in. And besides, I'm understudying both roles I was called back for, so... yes. I'm content. I was far too bitchy about it today, so I'm really sorry to anyone I offended with my whining and annoyingness. I just had a really bad day. So... yeah.

But enough about that.

I've decided for a new project for myself, I'm going to write a novel. Exciting, no? If I actually follow through with it, it could be quite lovely. I have a lot of ideas of what I could write about, but I'd like to spit out a short novel before I graduate from high school-- that would be nice. Yes.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

January 24th, 2007 (08:48 pm)

Feeling:: peaceful
Hearing:: "After Hours"- The Velvet Underground


I got a callback for the Sour Kangaroo, which is the part I really want, and the part I put on my audition sheet that I wanted to try out for. And so, I went to check the callback board after 1st period, and not only did I get a callback for the Sour Kangaroo, but also for the CAT IN THE HAT. The emcee/narrator of the show! And though it was a complete honor to be called back for that part, I'm pretty sure I won't get it. Everyone's pretty sure that Mani (the director) kind of... pre-cast the part of the Cat, for this guy named Emmanuel (who was the lead in Mouse that Roared). He's a senior, and he's amazing, so I'm really not that upset about it, but... I'm pretty sure I won't get it. But, I'm actually okay with it.

All I really hope is that a get a speaking role. I'd say I have a 50/50 chance of getting the Sour Kangroo (I don't want to jinx it, but that's what I think). I feel so... calm now. I was horribly nervous/anxious yesterday, just hoping that I'd get a callback, and now that we've actually had callbacks, it's really such a relief. I've done the best I could, and now, whatever happens, happens. I love the after-callback, pre-casting feeling... I may be slightly unhappy with the part I end up getting, but for now... I'm peaceful. It's nice.

Also, I'm sore.

For callbacks, we all got a copy of one song to sing, where almost every character sang-- so, we went up one by one, and sang in groups for the parts we were called back for. Then, we learned this ridiculously short, yet ridiculously difficult to remember (at least for me) dance piece, while people were called in in character groups to do songs and scenes. So, I sang for the Sour Kangaroo, and the Cat (I was the only girl... yay?), and I did pretty well on both of them. Then, we practiced our dance again, and again, and AGAIN (me and Danielle estimated about 30-40 times in a row-- really, it was exhausting). Then, we wrapped up, and everyone was allowed to leave; except the people called back for the Cat in the Hat. The 3 people called back for the Cat (me, Emmanuel, and Rob) had to do a bunch of on-the-spot improv (including a SIGMUND FUCKING FREUD IMPRESSION, which I, of course, rocked the house at), and then a fully improv'd "auctioneer" scene, which I did better than I thought I would at (considering I was up against th captain of the improv team). So... yes. I'm just glad that I did well at my callback. I really hope I just get a part. That would make me EVEN happier than I already am.

Well, we find out Friday morning (technically Thursday night, but I don't feel like breaking into the school to look at the cast list). So... wish me luck, I guess. :D

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

January 24th, 2007 (06:05 am)

Feeling:: nervous
Hearing:: "Manchester England"- Hair OBCR

Well, I think my audition yesterday was... alright. It wasn't my best. But it also definitely wasn't my worst. So, yes. We find out this morning (!) whether or not we got a callback. But I've convinced myself that I'll be really happy just to have an ensemble character role, if nothing else. I just really hope that I get that callback.

Ackkkk, 2 hours until I find out...

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

January 22nd, 2007 (07:27 pm)

current location: My bedroom.
Feeling:: anxious
Hearing:: "Marvin at the Psychiatrist"- March of the Falsettos

So tomorrow, we have auditions for Seussical the Musical at my high school. I really wasn't nervous at all (I swear!), until 2nd period today, when I started thinking about it and got REALLY nervous about... I really don't know what. The anxiousness has subsided somewhat, but I'm still kind of freaked out about it. I guess I just feel really unprepared. I'm not sure why-- I've had my song since last week (Only in New York from Thoroughly Modern Millie), and I've been practicing it every day. I think I'm just sort of afraid because I know I'm not right for the parts I'm trying out for.

I'm auditioning for Mayzie, or the Sour Kangaroo (if you know the show). I can sing both the parts perfectly well, and I'm sure I can act them, but... I just know that other some other people would be better at them. You can be the most talented person in the world, but if there's someone that's better than you are, it doesn't matter-- they're going to pick the more talented person.

I'm terrified that I'm going to regret doing the show if I get a really small part, not because the part is small, but because I turned down another show offer to do it. My director from Blithe Spirit asked me to be in Romeo and Julian (which is, obviously, a homosexual version of Romeo and Juliet). I really wanted to do it, but I didn't want to go back to getting home from school/rehearsals at 10:00 every day, so I knew I couldn't do both. And I had to choose, so I chose the one where I figured most of my friends would be. But then, I found out that Tyler, one of my really good friends, is going to be in R&J, and god, it would be fun to do another show with him. And I was guaranteed a part in that show... but I turned it down. I just really hope I don't regret it...

Well, I think I'll do well tomorrow; other than the problem of the full day of school before my audition? I think I'll do well.

... I hope.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

January 21st, 2007 (08:48 pm)

Feeling:: accomplished
Hearing:: "It Just Is"- Rilo Kiley

New header/layout!
It's Regina Spektor. Yay.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

January 21st, 2007 (05:57 pm)

current location: Home.
Feeling:: lethargic
Hearing:: "That Time"- Regina Spektor

So, basically, I just took everything off my profile, replaced it with an "about me" image I just made, and changed a LOT of my interests to things that I like now...

... and it made me realize how much I've changed in the last six months. My interests started branching out a little more, and I think that I became a much more well-rounded person. I haven't really dropped any interests-- I'm still obsessed with musicals (if not more than I was), but I'm actually starting to really listen to other music. I've had more time to read in the last six months, and I guess I've been reading better, or more intellectual books or something, because I've become obsessed with reading again. Of course, I've always read a lot, but recently I've been reading one or two books a week, and it's amazing. And I've been watching more movies... not the same ones over and over like I used to.

I think I've been exploring my artistic side more, too. I've been writing a lot more, acting a lot more, painting, drawing, filming, photographing-- just creating a lot more. And I love it. I've even started writing poetry ( a LOT of poetry), which is something I never thought I'd do. And it's actually not that horrible, which is suprising. Maybe I'll make a big poetry post with some of my recent ones, if anyone's interested in reading.

But yes, I think I've changed quite a lot in the past half year break from livejournal. Hopefully for the best.

I feel like making a picture post, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures from my friend Quinn's 16th birthday party yesterday. All pictures were taken by my friend PK... (just giving credit for the fabulousness):

Lovely party picturessssss.Collapse )

School tomorrow... ewww. I went home sick from school after 2nd period on Friday-- I hope I don't have too much to make up when I get back.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]


January 20th, 2007 (11:46 am)

Feeling:: nostalgic
Hearing:: "An Original Musical"- [title of show]


I’m back! And I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth! For some reason, I had an aversion to updating my livejournal. For 6 MONTHS. But now that I’m not as busy as I was, and since it’s a new year, I thought it would be the perfect time to start writing in my elljay again. Quite a few things have happened to me in the last six months (I’d have a pretty crappy/boring life if they hadn’t!), so I’ll fill you in on the details:


- Bat Boy shows went AMAZINGLY well. My number, “A Joyful Noise” was so gloriously fun to do every day/night. We had a really good run, with pretty much no major mistakes. Yay! I’m so glad that I was able to do Bat Boy… I’ve been in love with it for such a long time, and the chance to finally be in it was just… spectacular.


- Well, Bat Boy ended, and I was extremely sad (as I always am when a show ends), but I’m usually much sadder after Willow’s shows end because… I just love the people that do them so much! But this year, I vowed to see them all a lot more. And I actually kept my promise, which is shocking.

- After Bat Boy, I went to L.A. for a week… and it was really great, actually. After having Bat Boy rehearsals from 9 to 5, 5 days a week, I really needed a vacation, and down in L.A. it’s like PURE vacation, with beaches and pools, and other fabulous things.

- While I was in L.A., the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels tour just happened to be there! WITH NORBERT LEO BUTZ. It was incredible, of course—other than the fact that they replaced “Give Them What They Want” (AKA, one of the BEST songs in the show), with a crappy one called “I’m the Only Game in Town”. The Lawrence wasn’t a great singer, and his “accent” changed about 50 times. But, Norbert was fabulous, as expected. I only go to see him for a few minutes at the stage door, but it was enough to have him sign my playbill/get a picture with him. So, yay!

- School started again, which kind of sucked… but I really adore my teachers this year, so it’s okay. For French, I have Mr. Piazza again, who is amazing. He’s mostly amazing because we do NOTHING in his class, so it’s sort of like a study hall. And that’s exciting. For Dance, I have Ms. Mani, who directed the musical last year, and I absolutely love her. She works us kind of hard, but it’s a really good dance class. For Literature, I have this amazingly awkward teacher named Mr. Baker—he’s 28, but he wears a large array of old grandpa sweaters that, according to him, were actually given to him by his grandfather. He likes video games, nerf guns, and various other things that make him the most amusing teacher I’ve ever had (he also has a myspace, ahaha). For Science, I have this bizarre but amazing teacher named Mr. Lewis, who affectionately calls up “piece of crap kids”. Ahaha. And then for math… Mrs. Prolo, the only teacher I don’t like. She’s just… ackkkkk. And lastly, for history, I have a teacher named Mrs. Gibbs. She’s pretty cool, but she doesn’t seem to really know who any of us are, which is amusing. I mean, in January, she’s STILL forgetting student’s names. Yayyyyy.


- The school play started, which was The Mouse That Roared, a play based on that old Peter Sellers movie. Crappy play, but it was still really fun to do. Mr. Baker directed it, and since it was his first show, it… wasn’t great directing. But it was still fun having him direct, and watching him fight constantly with Mrs. Mani, our assistant director/producer. So, that was exciting. I didn’t get the part I wanted… but me and my friend Maiya got to play twin sisters (though we look nothing alike) in the army, who are forced into being prisoners of war. Ahaha, so that was exciting.

- I also started another play, with one of the directors from Bat Boy—we did Blithe Spirit, and I got to play Edith, the bumbling maid who ends up being a medium. It was really fun, because it was my first show with an all-adult theatre company that was semi-professional. One of them has been in movies! But yeah, that was really exciting, and everyone in the cast was amazing.

- I started getting completely exhausted every day—I had school until 3, school play rehearsal every day from right after school until 6, and then Blithe Spirit rehearsal every day from 6:30 to 10. So… that was insane. I ended up having to stay up until 12 or 1 every night to finish my homework. And jesus, it was REALLY hard. But, it ended up really paying off.

- I went and saw A Chorus Line in San Francisco, before it went to Broadway… and it was definitely one of the highlights of my month. I didn’t expect to LOVE it as much as I did—but I really did love it. I went to SF with Darren, Tyler, and Kelsey (3 of my amazing friends, originally from Willows), we took BART (it’s a train system, for those of you that don’t live here), and then walked around all day, eventually finding the theatre, which we went into really early for some reason. Me/Kelsey/Tyler bought our tickets beforehand, and they were pretty much back-row balcony, which sucked. But Darren, who came with us hoping that he could get tickets at the door (the show was sold out that night), ended up getting 4th row center tickets! Lucky bastard! But even though we were kinda far from the stage, we could see everything fine, and it was spectacular. We stagedoored it afterwards, and got to meet all the amazing cast members. And… then we BARTed back home… it was about midnight when I finally got home. It was one of the best days EVER.


- Blithe Spirit finally started (it played for 3 weeks), which was incredible, because it meant NO MORE REHEARSALS. The show went really well, and it was one of the few shows I’ve been in that I haven’t been sad about when it ended. Since everyone else in the cast was 2 or 3 times my age, I really didn’t miss anyone that much. So… that was good.

- Not much else happened this month… me and my friends went trick-or-treating, as usual. We will never stop. Ever. I was Mrs. Lovett for Halloween, which was pretty exciting. I’ll post a picture later. My goal was to have one person know who I was supposed to be… surprisingly, THREE people did! One of whom I got into a very animated discussion about Patti LuPone with, until my friends dragged me away. So yes… that was a fun Halloween.


- The Mouse That Roared shows started… we had our fair share of mistakes, but all-in-all, I think the show went quite well!

- Nothing else really happened… this was a boring month.


- Finals studying was INTENSE this year. Finals were the week before we left for winter break, and… oh god, it was awful. Very stressful, and a LOT of late-night cramming. So yes, that was not good. I ended up getting an A on all my finals, though (except for my damn Math final… oh, well).

- Winter break was fabulous! 2 weeks of doing absolutely NOTHING! Well, I went to L.A. for a short amount of time, but other than that, I did pretty much nothing, and I really needed it.

- My birthday was AMAZING! I got a beautiful MacBook laptop (which I call Sylvia, named after Sylvia Plath), which works amazingly. In fact, I’m typing on it right now. I love it so much.

- Christmas was also very exciting… I got a new iPod, a pair of Sigmund Freud slippers (FREUDIAN SLIPPERS AHAHAHA), and various other little wonderful things.


- School started again, and now I’m preparing to audition for the school show, which is Seussical the Musical (super cheesy, I know… but I think It’ll be a fun show!), and starting to get used to school, again.

So… basically, that has been my life for the last 6 months, in a nutshell. But I’m back on livejournal, and I’m going to start updating every day again. It’s a little late for it, but I’m making it my New Years resolution. Yesssssss.

I love you all, and I’ve missed you for the last 6 months! <333

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

July 26th, 2006 (05:18 pm)

Feeling:: nervous

Ohmygod. I'm leaving for the opening of Bat Boy in 10 minutes. Wow.

I don't usually get nervous before preformances, but tonight? Wow.

Pictures/video tonight.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

July 23rd, 2006 (10:41 pm)

Feeling:: nervous
Hearing:: "My Favorite Moment of the Bee 3/Second"- Spelling Bee

So... wow.

Our show opens in 3 days. And we are less ready than I've ever been for a show in my life. Eeeeek. But, somewhow, I still think that we're going to do really well. I really, really hope so. Wish me luck, guys!

P.S. Let's see how well you know me! :D

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

July 19th, 2006 (11:28 pm)

Feeling:: busy
Hearing:: "The Next Ten Minutes"- TL5Y

So, as most of you know, I'm in the Willow's Summerstage production of Bat Boy: The Musical. It is an absolutely AMAZING show [now that we finally have a musical director, it really is pretty great], and I would love it if all of you guys [that live around here] could come. I play Reverend Hightower-- so, you get to see me praising Jesus and "healing" people and such. Yeah, it's pretty sexy. XD

Anyway, the shows are all at the Willow's Theatre in Concord [1975 Diamond Boulevard, in the Willow's shopping center]. There are two casts, but the shows I'M in are:

Wednesday July 26th at 7:30 PM
Friday July 28th at 8:00 PM
Saturday July 29th at 1:00 PM
Saturday July 29th at 8:00 PM
Sunday July 30th at 4:30 PM

Tickets are $15, but if you order before July 24th, tickets are only $10. So, order soon!

You can order by either calling the box office at (925) 798-1300, ordering at the Willow's Theatre website, or just telling me what show you want to go to/how many tickets you want, so I can order for you. :D Hope to see you there!

P.S. I love you all, and I sincerely apologise for the lack of updating/commenting, but 9am-5pm practices 5 days a week are a real drain on my energy. I'm gonna try to start posting more, but please don't think I've forgotten you. ♥

P.P.S. GIANT picture post tomorrow with everything I've been doing for the past few weeks including--

    -Pictures from the show.
      -Pictures from the SF SPELLING BEE OMGOMG [which I've seen twice in the past two weeks *spaz*].
        -All kinds of fabulous things!

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

July 7th, 2006 (09:36 pm)
pissed off

Feeling:: pissed off
Hearing:: "Raindrops"- Regina Spektor

So, at this point, Bat Boy is not going too well. I mean, we're all doing pretty great, despite the fact that our musical director hasn't shown up for the past 3 days, due to "reasons he declines to state" [or, as most of us believe], heavy drinking problems. And then today, he either quit or was fired. Which means that we have no musical director. And our show is in two weeks. Our old musical director from last year is coming for tech week/the show, which sucks, because I absolutely DESPISE HIM. And besides, he won't be here for next week. AND WE STILL HAVE SONGS WE HAVEN'T GONE OVER, due to the absence of our current musical director.

Basically, we're screwed. I'm sure we'll do fine in the show, but seriously, he never worked with me on my song[s]. I mean, I sing them well because they're very much in my range [since I'm an alto, and it's usually a male part], but still, it would be reassuring to go over it with him at least ONCE. I mean, we've been doing it with the CD, but... the CD is NOT the piano. Or the orchestra.

You see, I wouldn't be so upset if the Willow's summer show wasn't already on a fast track. I mean, we have five weeks of rehearsal. The three we've had already have been pretty much wasted, because even when Mo [that was our old musical director] was here, he was always late, or too busy to work on the songs with us. WHICH WAS HIS JOB.

I'm just... I'm so worried about this show. I want to do Urinetown again.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

June 29th, 2006 (08:47 pm)

Feeling:: shocked
Hearing:: "More Blood/Kill the Bat Boy"- Bat Boy [UK Cast]

I just had a stunning realization.

As most of you who know me in real life are aware of, I have a lisp. It's not really a crazy severe lisp, but most of the time, my S's in words are replaced by the TH sound. And... that's what happens when you have a lisp. Obviously. I've been trying to get rid of it for years, but my damned tongue just won't rest behind my bottom teeth like it should.

Anyway, today I realized something horrifying. I can't make the TH sound, either. I mean, I can in the beginning of words, but in the end of words, it just vanished. Death becomes dea, cloth becomes clo, etc. Oh my god. How did I never notice that before? So, after learning this stunning information, I attempted to say TH words with S's at the end and OH GOD. IT'S AWFUL. It's actually really funny, but it's also REALLY FRUSTRATING, because now I have another speech problem to work on. And that sucks.

In other news, Bat Boy is going really well. It kind of shocking to think that two weeks have gone by already-- it's already 1/3 over. Wow. That really scary. But I love it SO MUCH. It's actually a lot more fun this year. Even though I had a lead role last year. But, I guess it just goes to show me that, honestly, it really doesn't matter what part you get. It's the people, and the show that I really care about. I do adore my role, though. I mean, even though I'm only in one scene, that is probably the most KICKASS SCENE in the show. Well, to me. I love my song, too. It's just... god, I love being in Willow's camp shows. <3

So, I guess my speech impediment isn't that horrifying. But still, sometimes you just feel like your speaking skills are deteriorating.

Mecilia/Ashley [userpic]

(no subject)

June 24th, 2006 (10:38 pm)

Feeling:: content
Hearing:: "Mine, All Mine"- UK Bat Boy

So, I think that Bat Boy is some of the most fun I've EVER had rehearsing a musical. I mean, Urinetown was AMAZING, but Bat Boy is just... even better. Willow's shows are just so great.

Anyway, I auditioned for Meredith, and honestly I didn't think I was going to get it. Because it's just really not the right role for me. And her songs are just a little bit out of my range. But anyway, when we found out our roles, I:

(1) Laughed for hours, and then
(2) Jumped around in COMPLETE EXCIETMENT!

This is because I got Reverend Hightower. YES, I AM A LARGE BLACK MAN. Except for that I'm not black. Or a man. But I still LOVE THIS ROLE. We choreographed my song, A Joyful Niose last Wednesday, which was amazing. The best thing is that though the ensemble has a complicated background dance to remember, I get to just jump around and ad-lib all my dance moves as I go along. They change each time I rehearse. And then of course, in the Joyful Noise reprise me and Darren [who plays Edgar] get to have this crazy riff battle, in which he hits a high F Sharp at the end, which always amazes me. Yaaaaay.

Even the classes are semi-fun this year. However, instead of having the usual Drama, Dance, and Musical Theatre classes, this year we have Television/Film Acting, Comedy Acting, and various "master" classes (like Stage Combat and Stage Makeup). Wtf. It seems a bit odd that we wouldn't have dance or music classes in a musical theatre camp. But, ah well. It's still fun. On Friday, in Comedy, our teacher John showed us various silent films, which were AWESOME. I'm pretty sure I love Buster Keaton. I swear to god, he's amazing.

So yes, Bat Boy is fabulous. July 25-30, guys. Come see it.

Also, I just got the cast recording of the London cast of Bat Boy, and it's actually really great. Some of the new songs like Hey Freak and Mine, All Mine are quite a lot better than the ones they replaced in the original. I don't really like some of the ways the actors portray the characters, but all in all, it's a really great CD. So, in case anyone wants it, I have it now. Woot.

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June 21st, 2006 (06:07 pm)

Feeling:: exhausted

Possibly one of the most hilarious titles of a Broadway.com article I've ever seen. Unintentional, but so true. XD

GIANT update about how amazing Bat Boy is later tonight. This is the first chunk of time I've had to myself in... the past week and a half.

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